PCCM Friday School – 7/23

For the first PCCM Friday School of the year, we started off with an ECMO Journal Club. Eight of our awesome senior residents presented a review of the CESAR and EOLIA ECMO trials. Dr. Mazen Odish also joined us for a review of the ECMO circuit. He brought with him one of the ECMO machines for some hands on teaching and troubleshooting. Huge shout out to Dr. Odish for his amazing teaching!

Dr. Meghan Sebasky then joined us for a RACE4all session on evaluations. She reviewed updates to the medical student evaluations and reminded us of the RIME framework for giving evaluations. Thank you much to Dr. Sebasky for helping us give informative and valuable evaluations!

Lastly, Dr. Erica Lin and six PCCM fellows joined us for a session on shock management. In small groups, the residents tackled 4 different cases of shock discussing differential diagnoses, and initial and advanced management. The cases were summed up by a quick lecture by Dr. Erica Lin and Dr. Cameron McGuire including some myths and pitfalls in the management of shock! The slides for this lecture will be posted here once updated.

Remember: Keep a broad differential! Premature closure occurs!

Thank you to all the fellows who helped today: Dr. Michelle Zhang, Dr. Laura Barnes, Dr. Sean DeWolf, Dr. Jacob Bailey, and Dr. Dan Bond. And thank you to all the residents for your participation!

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