PCCM Friday School 7/30 – Pulmonary hypertension, CTEPH, NTM pulmonary disease, and ILD

We continued the PCCM Friday School block today with four great sessions on pulmonary disease! To start off the afternoon, Dr. Jenny Yang discussed the different types of pulmonary hypertension. The residents were tasked with the challenging job of matching 8 different case presentation to pulmonary hypertension group and right heart catheterization group. Though difficult, they all did a great job, and the winners (above) took home a COVID-19 plush.

For the next hour, Dr. Kim Kerr taught us about CTEPH and the amazing CTEPH team we have here at UCSD. A guest speaker joined us to share her personal experience with CTEPH. We cannot thank her enough for taking the time to share her story!

Once the interns arrived, we jumped into NTM pulmonary disease. The incredible Dr. Rebecca Sell and Dr. Annie Cowell went through a patient case and then Dr. Wael Elmaraachli discussed his approached to work-up and management of NTM pulmonary disease. Dr. Elmaraachli emphasized the importance of distinguishing NTM pulmonary disease versus infection since NTM can be a contaminant and is found in the environment.

Lastly, Dr. Bernie Sunwoo discussed interstitial lung disease. Her biggest take away, history is key!!

Thank you to all the amazing experts and the guest speaker today!

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