Friday School 8/6: Clinical Reasoning, Chest Imaging, Asthma, and Disparities in Lung Cancer Screening

Today’s PCCM Friday School was packed full of great learning! For the first two hours, the senior residents took part in a cough clinical reasoning conference. As the experts, they were given aliquots of information and were tasked with developing a hypothesis and discussing how the data supported or refuted their differential. These expert clinicians did a great job keying into the diagnoses! Thank you to Dr. Cameron McGuire and Dr. Allen Aiyang for joining us as PCCM expert fellows. Dr. Sell rounded out the session with a review of chronic cough, her favorite diagnosis!

The seniors were then taken through a review of chest imaging with Dr. Liz Weihe while the interns were taught about asthma with Dr. Praveen Akuthota.

For the last hour of the afternoon, PCCM fellow extraordinary, Dr. Brinda Desai, joined us to discuss lung cancer screening and disparities in lung cancer screening. While the new guidelines capture a wider population, the screening guidelines miss a large population of patients at high risk for lung cancer. An important component of lung cancer screening is assessing the challenges and barriers a patient may face from the initial discussion (language barrier and health literacy) to acceptance of screening (guilt or shame they feel about smoking and mistrust of the health care system) to ability to screen and follow-up on any abnormal results (insurance and transportation). We practiced using this great tool to predict lung cancer risk that can be used with patients to help inform their care.

We finished off the day by submitting a letter to congress to encourage increased funding for lung cancer screening. You can fill this form out here!

Thank you to everyone who participated today!

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