Friday School 8/13 – O2 delivery, vents, chest imaging, and debriefing!

On this Friday the 13th, we continued the PCCM Friday School block with an excellent array of sessions! To begin, one of our fabulous respiratory therapists, Jaycee Custodio, did a rapid fire review of the many different oxygen delivery methods available in the hospital. He even brought real lungs to show the effects of PEEP!

We continued our discussion of oxygenation and ventilation with a review of vent settings with one of our pulmonary critical care fellows, Dr. Lauren Sullivan. The interns and seniors put their knowledge to the test with some “Non-Bar” Trivia! The interns also had an excellent lecture by one of our phenomenal radiologists, Dr. Jennifer Karunamuni.

To finish up the afternoon, we were joined by our amazing palliative care providers, Chris Onderdonk, palliative care social worker, and Dr. Kevin Yang, palliative care fellow to discuss a framework for debriefing. The residents then had the opportunity to practice leading a debrief session themselves! One of the biggest take away from the sessions was that debriefing does not need to take a lot of time!

Thank you to all the amazing facilitators for teaching the residents today!

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