Friday School 8/27: Pulmonary HTN, CTEPH, Vents, Chest Imaging, and ILD

Today was packed full of PCCM learning! The seniors started with a session on pulmonary hypertension by Dr. Jenny Yang. The residents were tasked with figuring out the WHO group for 8 different cases!

We were then joined by the amazing Dr. Kim Kerr for an excellent discussion on CTEPH. She highlighted the incredible work being done at UCSD in CTEPH. We were extremely lucky to be joined by a patient who shared their own personal experience with CTEPH.

Our pulmonology series continued with a lecture on chest imaging with one of our amazing radiologists, Dr. Elizabeth Weihe, and then a lecture on interstitial lung disease with Dr. Bernie Sunwoo.

The interns also had an introductory lecture on vents with one of our amazing PCCM fellows, Dr. Cameron McGuire.

Thank you so much to all of the amazing facilitators today and for all of the residents for their participation! It was a fabulous afternoon of learning!

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