Resident Kudos–Elizabeth Epstein!

Amazing R1 (almost R2) Elizabeth Epstein has proven herself to be a champion of wellness. She has published a review paper reframing cardiac rehab as not only a means of increasing survival rates but also improving quality of life during those years!

That’s not all! She has also published an article giving us all a guide on how to maintain wellness in the COVID19 era. In the articles, she compares residency training to High Intensity Interval Training, and frames wellness as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Read more here: She did this all while being an amazing co-resident and physician!

Resident Kudos–Cathy Cichon!

Kudos to R2 Cathy Cichon for her amazing work while on her Hillcrest Emergency Department rotation!! She was recognized by her EM colleagues for her work ethic, skill set and determination. Congratulations Cathy and thank you for all of your hard work!

Resident Kudos–Cynthia Hsu!

Kudos to our wonderful R2 (and rising gastroenterology fellow) Cynthia Hsu for her outstanding performance on her neurology stroke rotation! From Dr. Royya Modir: “I worked with her this week on the stroke service and she was incredible. She is a pleasure to be around overall. She is intelligent, hard working, driven, hungry to learn, and humble. Her bedside manner is also good. She is going to be an outstanding GI doc. Happy to have worked with such an outstanding person overall.”

Thank you Cynthia for your hard work and for representing our medicine program well!

2020 UCSD IM & Med/Peds Graduation

Congratulations graduates!!!!

Today marks an incredible milestone in your careers.  Through your hard work, your dedication to your patients and your education, your sacrifice, the many long days and nights of call and studying, you have reached this long awaited moment.  You are doctors, ready for independent practice!

As I congratulate you, I want to take a moment to recognize and thank the people who have walked along side you on this journey and supported you through the long days and nights—your families, your partners, your parents, your children, your friends, your colleagues and your mentors.  Congratulations to ALL of you! This is your accomplishment, too!

I want to thank our faculty, our departmental leadership, our program leadership, including our core faculty, associate program directors, and chief resident; and our program staff—without them, we could not support your journey here.

You join our community of physicians at a pivotal moment–a moment when many challenges face our profession.  When your training began, we could not have predicted that a pandemic would mark your final year of training, or that the long history of system racism and violence against people of color in our nation would once again awaken us to the health disparities and social determinants of health that threaten the moral fabric of our society.  But this is a time not for despair, but for action.  And there is no group of leaders better prepared than you to help catapult our community towards this action! YOU will help us to ensure the necessary change will occur, because you are advocates for social justice and equity.

I am so proud of you!

Faculty Awards

  • Service to Residency Program Award: Dr. Wolfgang Dillmann, Chair of Medicine
  • Service to Residency Program Award: Dr. Tricia Santos, Associate Program Director
  • Whitehill Prize for Junior Faculty: given to a Junior Faculty member who exemplifies the following qualities: 
    • Outstanding teaching across all training levels
    • Advocacy for housestaff trainees
    • Active involvement in both clinical and research arenas. 
    • Model compassionate bedside manner
    • Encourage clinical, translational and basic science research
    • Dr.Mark Hepokoski
  • Hospital Medicine Faculty Awards:
    • This award recognizes an outstanding faculty member of UCSD Hospital Medicine as one who has provided excellent teaching, clinical care, and leadership.
    • UCSD: Dr. Meghan Sebasky
    • VA: Dr. Derek Juang
  • Outstanding Medicine Speciality Faculty Award: 
    • This aware is granted to most outstanding faculty member in a medicine subspeciality, as selected by our housestaff.
    • UCSD: Dr. Praveen Akuthota
    • VA: Dr. Rebecca Sell
  • Outstanding Continuity Clinic Faculty Award  given to a continuity clinic faculty member who has provided excellent teaching and clinical care, as selected by our housestaff
    • Dr. Jeff Jenks

Staff Awards – Silver Shell Awards, all inducted into the Golden Shores Hall of Fame for winning COUNTLESS years in a row!

  • Pharmacist: Frank Chu
    • This award is given to the top Pharmacist, as voted for by our housestaff. This particular pharmacist has demonstrated consistent excellence in teaching and has helped countless residents as they rotate through the MICU. This award goes to Frank Chu!
  • Nurse: Scott Graves
    • This award is given to the top nursing staff member, as voted for by our housestaff. This person shows incredible empathy to our patients and fosters collaboration with all our residents –
  • Case Manager: Parry Sharifi
    • This award is given to the top Case Management Staff member, as voted for by our housestaff.

Resident Awards 2020

  • Lee Rickman Award: Nick Leverone
    • This award is for the graduating resident who most embodies the devotion to teaching of Lee Rickman, MD. Leland Rickman was a UCSD ID specialist who was passionate about teaching, always finding ways to integrate creativity and innovation in meeting the mission of education at UCSD. He received more UCSD teaching awards than anyone in the Department of Medicine. 
  • Humanism in Medicine Award: David Malinak
    • This award is for the graduating resident who most embodies a pillar of humanism, who displays outstanding character and integrity in their devotion to compassionate and excellent patient care. 
  • Excellence in Leadership award: Danielle Munce
    • This award is for the graduating resident who most embodies the traits of an outstanding leader–always leading by example and demonstrating exceptional initiative, responsibility and problem-solving ability. 
  • Top Fellow  Erica Lin
    • This award is for a medicine subspecialty fellow who was voted by our housestaff to be the most helpful in clinical care, provided excellent teaching, and has been a joy to work with.
  • Golden Consultant Award: Neal Jones
    • Every year our surgical housestaff colleagues select a resident that has been the most helpful and professional with regard to medicine consultation. 


Art of Innovation: 3rd Annual Interventional Endoscopy Course 6/6

FREE WEBINAR Saturday June 6th

This educational program is hosted by the West Coast Chapter
of Women in Interventional Endoscopy and supported by the UCSD
Divisions of Gastroenterology.

This Course aims to promote the knowledge of recent and cutting- edge approaches in interventional Gastroenterology, in both current and emerging practice; addressing not only technological and procedural
advances but also factors affecting endoscopists’ wellbeing

Registration LINK

Alumni Shout-Out: Dr. Archana Nair

Dr. Archana Nair,  now an Ophthalmology resident at NYU (UCSD Prelim alum, class of 2018) gave me permission to share this:

Dear Dr. Jassal, 

I am writing to you today back on the wards as a medicine intern. I never thought that I would be back on the wards but such is the situation that we find ourselves in. As NYC is struggling to survive through this pandemic, we are all being asked as physicians to help where we can.  I am writing this email today to thank you for all the experiences and learning that UCSD provided me. I never thought that I would go back to using so much of my general medicine, and I just wanted to say thank you. 
I sincerely hope that no other part of the country faces a crisis to the extent of what we are facing in NYC, but it may be inevitable….
Archana Nair
PGY 3 | Ophthalmology | NYU
Archana, we are SO PROUD of you!! Thank you for being an amazing physician!!

Podcast Highlight: The DEI Shift

By our own fantastic residents Maggie Kozman, DJ Gaines, and Pooja Jaeel- an enlightening (non-COVID) podcast! This podcast focuses on shifting the way we think and talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the medical field.

The title, The DEI Shift, uses a common acronym DEI (standing for diversity, equity, and inclusion) as a play on the idea of a “day shift”, the time in the hospital when the daytime teams come in, bring fresh perspectives to the issues that arose overnight, and progress patient care forward. This podcast is aimed at: 1) bringing new perspectives and a more inclusive approach to the discussions of diversity issues in healthcare, 2) shifting us away from avoidance, fatigue, and negative connotations that have become attached to these topics, and 3) transitioning these discussions from mere classroom didactics into relevant, day-to-day, organic conversation and application.



Google Podcasts:…‎Society & Culture · 2020

PS- Have a great learning tool that you use outside of work hours? I am compiling a list of high yield resources people use to satisfy their thirst for knowledge (all things medical and non-medical!). Send Holly Greenwald ( your awesome podcasts, youtube channels, instagram, twitter, blogs, or books – anything that stimulates your minds.