JMC PM Report 12/11: The Diagnostic Schema!

This afternoon at Jacobs, we continued to explore our longitudinal clinical reasoning curriculum by doing a deep dive into the concept of the diagnostic schema! As a reminder, the diagnostic schema is a conceptual approach to specific symptoms or diseases that is meant to organize the way we approach a differential diagnosis. Importantly, the schema does not need to be entirely comprehensive, but is built such that you can rationally approach a disease category and use it to guide work-up and management. As an example, the team discussed their different approaches to post-prandial pain!

Image result for awkward yeti liver cartoon"
A common cause of post-prandial abdominal pain!

Owen Conference AM Report–Tue, 10/15/19

As part of our Owen (HIV) AM report series, CMR Janet Ma walked us through a case of a young woman with AIDS presenting with a unilateral leg rash.  Our AMAZING senior residents (R2s Mary Brooks, Sophie Cannon, Ashley Scanlon and Cynthia Hsu) led the group in sharing their diagnostic schema for rash in an immunocompromised patient.  The ultimate diagnosis was multidermatomal zoster! Dr. Anand Jagannath (VA Hospitalist) and Dr. Lalo Cachay (Owen/ID attending) shared their approach and expertise.