February is Black History Month: two physicians to honor, and ways to celebrate in San Diego

February is Black History Month, a time to honor leaders and remember events in the history of the African diaspora! In medicine, we have had countless black pioneers advance clinical practice and promote equality through their many achievements. Here are two to keep in our thoughts as we go through the month:

  1. James McCune Smith, MD – the first African-American to receive a medical degree (in 1837), and the first African-American physician to be published in U.S. medical journals
  2. Rebecca Lee Crumpler, MD – the first African-American woman to receive a medical degree (in 1864). She also wrote A Book of Medical Discourses: In Two Parts (1883), shedding light on and advocating for children’s and women’s health.

San Diego also has a number of cultural sites to visit if you are interested in learning more about black history! Here are five:

  1. Breaking of the Chains Monument (Marina District):  a large, tall, polished metal sculpture created in 1995 as a monument dedicated to the fight for civil rights
  2. San Diego African American Museum of Fine Arts (Valencia Park): a museum that collects and preserves fine art by African Americans and offers educational programs
  3. African Museum Casa del Rey Moro (Old Town): a museum with a focus on African American, African Spanish, and African Mexican heritage
  4. Malcolm X Library and Performing Arts Center (Lincoln Park): a library full of books, newspapers, and magazines that pertain to the African Diaspora experience
  5. World Beat Center (Balboa Park): A non-profit multicultural arts organization “dedicated to promoting, presenting and preserving the African Diaspora and indigenous cultures of the world through music, art, dance, education, sustainability, and technology.”

Possible Resident Recharge/Golden Weekend Warrior Activities

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to make you aware of some fun activities happening in the San Diego areas that you can take advantage of during your downtime.

  1. Check out fabulous foodie spots at more affordable price points during SD Restaurant Week! It starts this Sunday Jan 19th through Jan 26th!  https://www.sandiegorestaurantweek.com/
  2. If you have been wanting to check out some of SD’s amazing museums, you’ll be excited to know they are 1/2 off in February. https://www.sandiego.org/articles/museums/february-is-san-diego-museum-month.aspx

All of these activities would be great for submissions to our Golden Weekend Warrior Competition, so grab some of your co-residents and take some pictures!

Just a reminder:


How to play:

  • Do healthy and fun activities with your co-residents
  • Take photos (you must be in photo)
  • Email photo and description to goldenweekendwarrior@gmail.com
  • Winners announced at the end of the year (to win!)


  1. You must be in the photo
  2. 2.Please provide a description and identify all co-residents in the photo
  3. Bonus 1+ for each additional co-resident (UCSD-organized events excluded)
  4. Bonus 1+ for each activity in January and February
  5. There are limits to points earned in certain categories (eg. Running will have a cap)
  6. There will be monthly leaderboard updates

Yoga on the Beach!

Awesome interns Elizabeth Epstein, Katarina Vasiljevic and Christine Sonners enjoying one another’s company on a precious Sunday morning! They had an amazing time–soaking in the San Diego sun while doing yoga with an ocean view complete with seals swimming by at La Jolla cove! They followed it up with açaí bowls. What more could you ask for on a glorious Sunday morning?!! 😊

NEWS FLASH: The Golden Weekend Warrior has gone missing and feared to be injured in battle!

Since the New Year, nobody has heard from the Golden Weekend Warrior. Many fear he has been wounded, some fear he has gone missing for good. He has not logged any fun, healthy, or entertaining events in 2019. Please help track him down by submitting any photos you have to GoldenWeekendWarrior@gmail.com. Everyone’s points have been reset and there will be a new round of winners awarded at the end of the year!

Holiday Party 2018!

Thank you to everyone who came out for the 2018 Holiday Party! Also, BIG thanks to Dr. Dillmann and the Department of Medicine for sponsoring the event and all of the fellows and attendings for providing coverage for our residents. We are very grateful for you! We are also grateful to our acapella group, the Auscultones for serenading us during dinner! The holiday raffle included special prizes for the resident who attended the most interview dinners—intern Jonathan Chung, AND the Golden Weekend Warrior who garnered the most points—intern Paul Hsu!! And some fun and interesting Secret Santa gifts were exchanged—did you see the special calendar Lester Tsai got? Or the Squatty Potty? Our resident are CREATIVE!! We hope that everyone who came had a great time, and judging by the photos, that was the case! Happy Holidays, The Chiefs

Golden Weekend Warrior!

Only a few more days to score points before the UCSD Holiday Party when we will crown the inaugural King or Queen of the Golden Weekend Warrior challenge! Get out there, have some fun, take some photos and send them to goldenweekendwarrior@gmail.com. Please be sure to tell me what you are doing and who you are with. The winner will take home a prize and a little bit of UCSD history!

Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico THIS Saturday, 12/1/18—International Health Collective

Dear Awesome UCSD Family, Reminder that this is this Saturday! If you are interested in volunteering at this clinic in Tijuana, please see below! Please also note the upcoming clinic are the first Saturday of each month! A number of residents have volunteered in the past and have found it to be a terrific experience. Next Clinic Dates: 1/5/19, 2/2/19, 3/2/19, 4/6/19, 5/4/19, 6/1/19, 7/6/19, 8/3/19, 9/7/19 ——————- Hello, International Health Collective is a nonprofit, student-run organization that aims to solve health disparities in Eastern Tijuana and San Diego communities. International Health Collective, or IHC, takes on this issue through a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach. Holding the firm belief that it takes a wide lens and a diverse skill set to examine and alleviate root causes to health issues, IHC members originate from different backgrounds and fields of expertise. Specifically, IHC consists of undergraduate students (medical, engineering, humanities etc.), Medical and Pharmacy graduate students, health professionals, and community members. Members will work

read more Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico THIS Saturday, 12/1/18—International Health Collective

The Homeless Chorus Speaks

Please join Global Health Institute and International House in attending the presentation of a film by Susan Polis Schutz,“The Homeless Chorus Speaks”. Also enjoy an amazing performance by Voice Of Our City Choir, a panel featuring people in the film, and meet locals invested in the community. RSVP by registering for this entertaining and educational event today (FREE)! “The Homeless Chorus Speaks” Wednesday, November 7, 2018 from 6:15 PM to 9:15 PM (PST) Great Hall at International House 9500 Gilman Drive San Diego, CA 92093