New Pathway Participants 2020-21

Congratulations to all our pathway participants for our upcoming academic year!

Primary Care

  • Stacy Han (R1)
  • Jessica Hansen (R1)
  • Allison Yip (R1)

Hospital Med

  • Nick Flores (R1)
  • Thejas Kamath (R1)

Global Health

  • Jed Bell (M/P R1)
  • Randall Blankers (R1)
  • Elena Cutting (R1)
  • David Hibbert (R1)
  • Samara Sorus (M/P R1)

RACE Track

  • Tally Buckstaff (R1)
  • Soumya Kurnool (R1)
  • Mehul Trivedi (R1)
  • Edward Wang (R1)
  • Kendel Flegenheimer (R2)
  • Erin Roberts (R2)
  • Revathy Sampath-Kumar (R2)

Integrative Med

  • Anna Armitage (R1)
  • Amy Guzdar (R1)
  • Allison Ibarra (R1)
  • Annie Ondracek (M/P R1)
  • Kevin Sung (R1)
  • Allison Yip (R1)
  • Neena Iyer (R2)
  • Ambika Munaganuru (R3)

Pathway Applications – 2020

Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce that the applications for all our pathways are open!

This includes the following pathways:

– Global Medicine Pathway

– Hospital Medicine Pathway

– Integrative Medicine Pathway.

– Primary Care Pathway

– RACE (Residents As Clinician Educators) Track

The deadline is November 20th at 11:59pm PST. You may apply to as many of them as you would like, and we will work with you to match into one of them based on competitiveness, interest, and fit. Please note that you may do the Integrative Medicine Pathway concurrently with another pathway.

Please read the application requirements carefully (listed at the bottom of each google form) to ensure that you submit the required documents before the application deadline!

Global Medicine Pathway:

Hospital Medicine Pathway:

Integrative Medicine Pathway:

Primary Care Pathway:

Residents As Clinician Educators (RACE) Track

If you missed the pathway interest meeting, you can hear a bit about each pathway or review more on our blog under the ‘prospective residents’ heading, then ‘residency pathways’ here:

Feel free to reach out with any questions. Thank you!

Luke Webster, CMR

Pathway Interest Meeting–10/21/20

Thank you to everyone who joined us last night for the Pathway Interest Meeting! I have attached a link to the 30 minute introduction video as well as documents that were presented during the meeting for those of you who were not able to attend. 

Applications are being finalized as we speak! We will send a consolidated email in the next 1-2 weeks containing all pathway application forms and final application details. 

If you have any questions regarding specific pathways, please reach out to the chief in charge of your pathway!

Hospital Medicine: DJ

Global Health: Alex

Integrative Medicine: Samantha

Primary Care: Luke

RACE track: Nick

Pathway Session Video: 

Pathway Information on the Blog:

Please reach out with any questions!


Luke Webster

Hospital Medicine Pathway: Upcoming Information Session!

Image result for SHM

If you are interested in hospital medicine and curious about the pathway, please consider joining pathway director Dr. Ali Farkhondehpour for an information session on 11/8/19 at 5 pm, directly after Friday school in MET 145! If you cannot make the session, have no fear; we will send out the information provided after the session! Stay tuned for information about the application process as well!

HM Ultrasound Session

Today at Jacobs, Dr. Milla Kviatkovsky led our Hospital Medicine Pathway residents through an excellent inaugural Friday ultrasound session by demonstrating the cardiac exam at bedside!

Dr. Milla Kviatkovsky observing Dr. Jordan Martinez

Hospital Medicine Pathway PM Report: Billing & Coding

Today, our HM pathway residents learned about an integral aspect of clinical practice: billing and coding! Dr. Bell discussed the differences between physician fees and hospital fees, the different requirements for levels of complexity, and the types of billing that can be done during an inpatient admission (e.g. initial contact vs. daily progress note vs. discharge note). If you’re interested in more detail, check out the Hospital Medicine pathway tab in the next few days for a PDF of Dr. Bell’s lecture!

Hospital Medicine Pathway PM Report: Perioperative Risk Assessment

Today at Jacobs, we kicked off our inaugural hospital medicine pathway didactic series with an overview of perioperative risk assessment and medical consultation! Dr. Bill Frederick discussed the importance of the proposed surgery, patient co-morbidities, and functional status (METS) in the assessment of a potential surgical patient. We then discussed the differences between 2 common risk calculators, the RCRI and the ACS NSQIP. In addition, he brought up a newer functional status assessment tool known as the Duke Activity Status Index (DASI) that may be a superior prediction tool than our typical METS assessment, as evidenced by the 2018 METS Trial (see below). We also discussed a general approach after all of this data is acquired, summarized in the algorithm below. Thanks to Dr. Frederick and our faculty hospitalists for an excellent discussion!

Hospital Medicine Pathway: Application (2019-2020)

Are you a PGY-1 or PGY-2 and interested in a career in Hospital Medicine? If so, you should consider applying for the Hospital Medicine Pathway! In brief, the Hospital Medicine Pathway is a tailored training experience for those interested in a career in Hospital Medicine. The highlights are: Specialized inpatient rotations (Jacobs Admitting and Jacobs Hospitalist) Direct mentoring from our current Hospitalist group Completion of a Quality Improvement project during the research block (only if you have not already completed 2 months of research) Tailored elective rotations (eg. Neuro Stroke and/or Neuro Critical Care) High yield didactic sessions (business of medicine, billing/coding, etc) We will accept 2 current PGY-1s and 4 current PGY-2s. There will be an opportunity for 2 more current PGY-1s to join during their PGY-2 year if they become interested at that time. Click here to complete the application (3 short answer questions) If you have any questions, please email Jack ( or the pathway director Dr. Ali Farkhondehpour

read more Hospital Medicine Pathway: Application (2019-2020)