Ophthalmology/ID Summit!

We had our very first Ophthalmology/Infectious Disease “summit” yesterday at Morning Report at the VA! It was a fascinating case of endogenous endophthalmitis presented by one of our prior preliminary medicine interns turned Ophthalmologist Dr. Sally Baxter! Briefly, a 35 year old man with history of heroin abuse presented with a painful red right eye that developed over 3 days, associated with reduced vision. The Ophthalmology team described their sophisticated exam findings examining all portions of the eye. The patient was noted to have signs of panuveitis and likely endophthalmitis. Vitreous tap was performed for culture and patient was started on broad spectrum antibiotics. CT head and MRI orbits obtained to r/o invasive disease Blood cultures yielded polymicrobial growth. TTE/TEE performed without any signs of vegetations. Ultimately patient left AMA and was lost to follow-up. Exogenous endophthalmitis can be caused by trauma or after surgical manipulation. However, the DDx for endogenous endophthalmitis is broad and includes multiple infectious etiologies (fungal, viral,

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