Town Hall Updates

Yesterday we had great town hall with Dr. Jassal and our infection control colleagues. Here is a summary of things discussed. Thank you! Welcome to all the new interns we are so excited to have you!! Congratulations to all the rising R2s on completing their intern year!!

  1. Complete the symptoms checker daily for UCSD. Please complete it honestly and notify the chief on call with any new symptoms or concerns! IF you screen positive on the symptom tracker it will alert Dr. Jassal and we will be contacting you. 
  2. PPE is plentiful! Let us know if you have any issues getting PPE!
  3. We are working on work space concerns at Hillcrest and will continue to keep you updated. 
  4. Updates on psychiatry team:
  • We will continue to have psychiatry services in-house 24/7 at Hillcrest.
  • The inpatient psychiatry units (NBMU and SBH) will remain fully staffed and at full operational capacity.
  • ED consults will be covered by a combination of a locums psychiatric NP during the day, and psychiatry residents at night.
  • The inpatient psychiatry consult-liaison service will be covered by a combination of psychiatry residents and a locums psychiatric NP, supervised by our existing attending psychiatrists who know the Hillcrest medical center well.
  • The procedure for requesting a psychiatric consultation has not changed. Please use UCSD Webpaging and page the psychiatry consult pager at 619-290-5050.
  • The Dept of Psychiatry Interim Vice-Chairs (Drs. Terry Schwartz and Walt Kaye), the Interim Chair (Dr. Susan Tapert), the Chair-Elect (Dr. Jeff Daskalakis), and the remaining attending psychiatrists in Hillcrest will be actively working together to shape the longer term staffing plan for the hospital-based services in Hillcrest, and the Department of Psychiatry is committed to continuing to provide these important services.