Educational Resources-Apps App: 
Application that has an in depth database of medications. Easy access to medication information, check interactions and pill identifier. Free to download.

Journal Club App:
Concise summaries of Landmark Internal Medicine trials. Reviews of trials written by other physicians in order to provide bite size evidence based medicine. $2-3 to download.

UCSF Hospitalist Handbook App:
        UCSF version of our blue book through AgileMedicine. Easily searchable diagnoses with information for workup, management and complications. $10-15 to download. 

Figure1 app:
        App that is focused on cool physical exam findings based on rare conditions. Free to download.

Docphin App:
Up to date medical research in order to keep up on the newest medical papers. Primary source available through the app.

CDC Contraception App:
        Up to date app with recommendations for different contraception options. Free to download.