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Just what it sounds like!

UCSD – A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine
      Great resource put together by UCSD’s own Dr. Charlie Goldberg. Includes information on how to obtain a good HPI, ROS and has in depth details for proper technique for various physical exam findings. Additionally, large database of useful medical links for various categories including but not limited to anatomy, cardiology, clinical imaging, drawing apps for teaching and general physical exam findings. Can be accessed from anywhere.

Radiology Master Class
      This awesome resource was suggested by our radiologist in Radiology rounds. The site is broken up into different imaging modality tutorials. The tutorials walk you through the important anatomical structures with each different imaging modality. It is delivered in small digestible pieces so it’s not information overload. Recommended tutorials to start with are: Chest X-ray Anatomy, Chest X-ray Abnormalities and CT Brain Anatomy. Can be accessed from anywhere.

Clinical Pharmacology: 
Great resource to look up medications to find out uses, mechanism of actions, specific dosing, what’s on formulary at UCSD, side effects and monitoring parameters. Must log on through UCSD computer or cwp–> ‘WEB REF’ at top left of Epic–> Medication Resources in left sided column.

Differential diagnoses:
         List of differential diagnoses categorized by symptoms(i.e. abdominal pain and rash), diseases(i.e. acute hepatitis) or organ system. More basic differentials, may not always have the details but can be a good resource to use when generating your differential. Must log on through UCSD computer or cwp –> ‘WEB REF’ at top left of Epic–>type in below website.

UCSD Online Clinical Library:
Great resource for online educational sources. Access to journals, PubMed, UpToDate, Clinical Pharmacology, Micromedex, Harrison’s online, Cochrane Library and ACP Journal Club just to name a few. One of the go-to resources for many of our residents and medical students as it is a central place where all these resources are accessible.
Must log on through UCSD computer or cwp–> ‘WEB REF’ at the top of Epic–> either type in below URL or in the left hand column of the home page.

UCSF Antibiotic Guide
     Great resource for determining appropriate antibiotic treatment. Divided into adult inpatient and adult outpatient with further subdivisions into types of infections(i.e. Skin and Soft Tissue). Each diagnosis has information for ‘Common Pathogens,’ ‘First Line Drug of Choice’ and ‘Alternative Drugs.’  Also with direct links to dosing recommendations. Can be accessed from anywhere.

JAMA Research, methods, statistics:
       Compilation of review articles about the different issues that arise with research. An example is a review article written about ‘Interpretation of Clinical Trials That Stopped Early.’ Wide variety of papers that can help with interpretation of research and statistical models.
Must log on through UCSD computer or cwp–> ‘WEB REF’ at the top of Epic–> type in below URL

Great resource to help patients find affordable medication prices. Many coupons available for many different medications that can be printed directly. Very useful to help our underserved patients with costly medications. Can be accessed from anywhere.

Walmart $4 List:
      Walmart Pharmacy has a list of generic medications that they are able to provide for $4 for a 30 day supply. For example, a 30-day supply of Metformin 500mg is only $4. This can be very helpful and cost affective for many of our underserved patients who have difficulty buying their medications. Great resource to direct any patient to. Can be accessed from anywhere.

The Bedsider:
     An online birth control support network geared towards women 18-29 years old to help find and answer questions about different methods of birth control, where to get birth control, emergency contraception and common women’s health questions. Can be accessed from anywhere.

       A website and App based resource that is geared towards providing physicians short concise interactive presentations. Designed for the the busy practitioner and/or resident to continue life long learning while balancing the demands of a busy day to day practice. Can be accessed from anywhere.

       An NIH funded website for breast feeding mothers. Includes information on the levels of each substance that is in the breast milk and infants blood and any possible adverse effects these substances can have on the nursing infant. Additionally, alternative therapies are suggested when appropriate. Can be accessed from anywhere.

NEJM Audio:
20-30min downloadable MP3 with a summery of the weekly articles from NEJM. Briefly describes the articles so one can be up to date on the new literature and then find articles that interest them to read further. Can be accessed from anywhere.

Resident 360 NEJM:
        Designed for residents, in order to provide residents with the resources , information and support that they will need to succeed as residents. Helps with building foundational knowledge by suggesting landmark trials, teaching tools as well as providing a network for a supportive community of other residents. Free membership which can be accessed from anywhere. In order to access ‘Rotation Prep’ will need to use your log in name at a UCSD computer or through CWP.

Medscape Procedure Database:
      Database of many procedures put together by Medscape. Procedures information come with indications, contraindications, periprocedural care, patient prep, technique with pictures, complications. Suggested procedures that can be valuable for IM residents include: Knee Arthrocentesis, Lumbar Puncture, Paracentesis, Ultrasound Assisted Central Line Placement, Arterial Blood Gas Sampling and Arterial Line Sampling. Can be accessed from anywhere.