Friday School

Friday School is our weekly protected didactic time, occurring on Friday afternoons. With 2 hours dedicated to interns and 4 hours dedicated to residents, we have the opportunity to explore the many disciplines within internal medicine, in both the traditional lecture format as well as more interactive, small group-based activities and sessions.

The annual curriculum includes 6 different subject blocks but is part of a larger 3-year curriculum that encompasses all of the core aspects of internal medicine. As Friday School is one of our main methods of providing dedicated didactic time, it is a required component of most rotation blocks, and regular attendance is expected (please check the schedule of your specific rotation document to see if you are expected at Friday School).

The resources from each Friday School block (and corresponding noon conferences) are available for reference under each category of the WordPress “Friday School” menu.

Take a look at our past and present Friday School topics to see what’s on the schedule!

Resources and Prior Content: