Global Medicine Pathway – Prospective Residents

Hello everyone!!

This space is dedicated to those interested in learning more about our newest pathway: Global Medicine. Everywhere on Earth, those interested in healing and helping others care for their patients. These environments vary dramatically, and the study of Global Health is focused on learning how to provide for patients, and work within the different healthcare systems across the planet.

What do we get to do?

There are 3 main components of our pathway

Focused Global Medicine Education
  • Multi-disciplinary workshops on various global health, wilderness medicine, and epidemiologic topics.
  • Morning Report Teleconferences with our residency friends in Maputo, Mozambique.
  • Opportunity to participate in our 2-week underserved medicine elective working within U.S. systems such as correctional medicine and Tele-ICU!
  • The opportunity to work on a scholarly project focused on an aspect of Global Medicine of your choice!
International Elective in Maputo, Mozambique
  • Optional 1-2 month elective
  • Housing & Housekeeping provided by the program
  • >100 residents have participated in this opportunity since its launch in 2009
Dedicated 1:1 Faculty Mentorship
  • Pairing with a dedicated, personal faculty mentor who has built their career in Global Medicine
  • Joining a community of physicians and other providers who have the goal of providing the best care possible in any environment

Top Left: Map of Mozambique with Maputo at the Southernmost tip. Top Right: Map of San Diego/Tijuana, where many departments at UCSD spend time caring for patients across the Mexican border. Bottom: PGY3 Hemali Batra-Sharma performing and sharing point-of-care ultrasound tips for her team at Central Hospital in Maputo, Mozambique.

With COVID-19 & Future Plans

Currently, due to both local and international travel restrictions afoot with the COVID-19 pandemic, some components of our pathway have been put on hold. However, this has not stopped us from continuing to develop them! Our leadership is working with our partners in Maputo, as well as healthcare facilities in Tijuana, Mexico & other countries in order to continued to expand the diverse experiences we can offer our residents!

While the state of the pandemic has made it necessary to curtail certain aspects of our learning, we also see it as an opportunity to create experiences and build relationships that may not have been possible before.

Thank you for learning a bit more about us! We wish you luck, and hope to see you on your interview trail!