Advancing Health Equity, Advocacy, & Diversity (AHEAD)

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Welcome to our DEI resource page!! Here you can find information regarding our various DEI initiatives, upcoming events, resources, and ways to get involved.


Advancing Health Equity, Advocacy, & Diversity (AHEAD)

The goal of this initiative is to educate our residents in topics surrounding the DEI space as well as provide them avenues to become advocates in our community.

We give lectures on various DEI topics such as microaggressions and common terms in the DEI space. During our dedicated Friday School block, we aim to instill lectures dedicated to health care disparities related to the theme of the block.

RISE Near-Peer Mentorship Program
(Residents in Solidarity with Emerging Leaders)

A near-peer mentorship program that pairs MS3 with current residents across various specialities to help them succeed in their clerkships. This program continues to expand this year and there will be opportunities to be a mentor for our wonderful medical students!

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UC San Diego Student-Run Free Clinic

Established 20 years ago and currently run by Dr. Ellen Beck. This clinic is primarily managed by UCSD primary care physicians and UCSD medical students. However, residents & faculty across various specialties, as well as pharmacists, nurses, translators, social workers, and many more groups of volunteers join these weekly clinics to help care for those in our community.

Our residents have the opportunity to participate in this clinic during their 2 week underserved medicine rotation, and can even precept here as part of the RACE Track pathway! Many of our residents also choose to volunteer at this clinic during their free time!


Diversity Mixer

Come join us for an intra-departmental diversity mixer 10/19! This is an opportunity for YOU, our residents to learn more about the affinity groups at UCSD School of Medicine, and what ways you can get involved. Groups that will be present include SNMA, LMSA, APAMSA, LGBTQ-PhaM and more! Keep an eye out for the zoom link and reminder via email!

Grand Rounds with Dr. Kimberly Manning

Dr. Manning is a renowned Med-Peds clinician-educator at Emory, whose primary site is at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. A phenomenal physician and nurturing teacher, Dr. Manning is also a national leader in promoting DEI initiatives in the field of medicine, which she does through her well-known blog, and her twitter account @gradydoctor. She is also an executive producer for the podcast: “The Nocturnists“.


Grand Rounds with Dr. Michelle Evans

Dr. Michele K. Evans, an internist and medical oncologist, serves as Deputy Scientific Director, NIA as well as the Training Director for the NIA Intramural Research program. Trained as a physician scientist, she conducts epidemiologic clinical research in health disparities and basic bench research on the biology of health disparities and minority aging.

To learn more about Dr. Evans, you read more about her life, career, and research on the NIH website: In addition to this, you can check out her perspective piece for the NEJM which includes a downloadable interview (audio file) in which she discusses the impact of COVID-19 on minority communities.


The DEI Shift

In Spring of 2020, three UCSD residents led by Med-Peds resident Dr. Pooja Jaeel, came together with members of Southern California’s ACP leadership in order to create a podcast focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within the world of medicine.

Drs. Pooja Jaeel (Med-Peds PGY4), Maggie Kozman (Med-Peds graduate 2020), and DJ Gaines (Chief Resident for UCSD’s Internal Medicine program) continue to work as senior or executive producers of this podcast as its growth, and the sharing of its stories, continues. You can learn more about the DEI shift at, or go straight to buzzsprout to download episodes for whatever application you use to listen to podcasts!


General Resources

DEI Resident Resource Repository
Community Outreach Resource Doc
Support black-owned businesses in San Diego

Medical Spanish Resources

Spanish in the Medical Field (YouTube video)
Practicing Spanish
Medical Spanish (podcast)

Thanks for checking us out! If you have any specific questions, or as residents want to get involved in any particular initiatives, please reach out to the Chief Residents!