Hematology-Oncology Reading


Aslinia Megaloblastic Anemia and Other Causes of Macrocytosis

Bross Anemia in Older Persons

DeLoughery Microcytic Anemia Review NEJM

Hematol Dx Based on blood smears – NEJM 2005

Johnson-Wimbley Diagnosis and management of Iron Def Anemia

Kaferle Evaluation of Macrocytosis

Killip Iron Deficiency Review

Myelodysplastic Syndromes – NEJM 2009

Perkins Diagnosis of Anemia

Short Iron Def Anemia Evaluation and Management

Vit B12 Def NEJM 202013

Warm Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia NEJM 2019

Weiss Anemia of Chronic Disease NEJM

Bone Marrow Transplant

Allo AML CR1 indications Rev 2012

Allo MM Bensinger BMT 2012


BMT fever protocol-5

DLI Review Roddie 2011

GVHD Review Pidala 2011

HSCT ALL Khaled et al 2012

HSCT for NHL Exp Rev Hem 2009

HSCT in MDS Appelbaum 2011

HSCT Review NEJM 2006

Long Term Conseq of HSCT Baker et al

Sorror HCT-CI Blood 2005

Chemotherapy and Complications

Alphabet Soup – Understanding chemotherapy

NCCN – infections

Prophylaxis med table-chemo

Prophylaxis Med_Duration of Therapy






Blood 2010 How I Treat Hemochromatosis

Crownover Review Hereditary Hemochromatosis Am Fam Med 2013

Tavill Diagnosis and Management of Hemochromatosis – Hematol 2001



Hypercoaguable States and VTE

Burnett Guidance for Practical Management DOACs in VTE Treatment

CHEST guidelines for Antithrombotic Therapy – 2-12

CHEST guidelines for Pregnancy and Antithrombotic Therapy – 2008

Cuker How I Treatment HIT – Blood 2012

Dobromirski How I Manage VTE in hospitalized medical patient – Blood 2012

Edoxaban for CA Assoc VTE NEJM 2018

Hirsh How We Diagnosis and Treat VTE – Blood 2002

Khorana Freq-Risk-Trend for VTE in Hospitalized Cancer Pts – ACS 2007

NEJM 2013 Anti-Phospholipid Antibody Synd

Palareti How I Treatment Isoldate Distal DVT – Blood 2014

Prandoni How I Treat VTE in patients with cancer – Blood 2005

Spyropoulos How I Treatment Anticoagulated patients undergoing elective procedure – Blood 2012

Stein Incidence of VTE in Hospitalized Cancer Patients – AJM 2006

Vena cava filters for management of venous thromboembolism – Blood 2013


AML Rev ASH Edu 2011

APL Leuk 2012

Cortes How I Treat Chronic Phase CML

Dohner Diagnosis and Management of AML in Adults – Blood 2010

Fielding Current Treatment of Ph positive ALL – Hematol 2011

Hematol Dx Based on blood smears – NEJM 2005

How I Treat ALL – Blood 2007

Inaba Review of ALL – Lancet 2013

Jabbour CML Update 2012 Diagnosis Monitoring Management

Linet Epi and Hereditary Aspects of Acute Leukemia

Luger Elderly Patient with AML Review – hematol 2011


Advanced Hodgkins Kuruvilla Hematology 2009

Early HL Armitage NEJM

Hodgkins Lymphoma – Lancet 2012

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma – Lancet 2012


MDS Review Garcia Manero 2011

Multiple Myeloma

Dimopoulos Consensus Recs for Work Up of Myeloma

Palumbo Multiple Myeloma NEJM

Smith BMJ Multiple Myeloma Review

Myelofibrosis and Myelproliferative Disorders

Abdel-Wahab Myelofibrosis Review

Marchioli CVE and Intensity of Tx in PV(1) – NEJM 2012

Marchioli CVE and Intensity of Tx in PV

Mascarenhas Advances in Myelofibrosis-Clinical Case Approach

Patnaik Review of Evaluation of Erythrocytosis(1) – Leukemia 2009

Patnaik Review of Evaluation of Erythrocytosis

Tefferi Primary Myelofibrosis Review

Vannucchi How I Treat Polycythemia Vera(1) – Blood 2014

Vannucchi How I Treat Polycythemia Vera

Neutropenia, Growth Factors

BMT fever protocol-5

Gibson How We Evaluate and Treat Neutropenia in Adults – Blood 2014

Rizzo ASH Guidelines for use of Epogen in Cancer Patients – Blood 2010

Radiation Therapy

ACS Basics of Radiation Oncology

Gazda Principles of Radiation Therapy

Sickle Cell

Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle Cell Disease NEJM 2017

Solid Tumors

Bond-Smith Review Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma – BMJ 2012

Cancer unknown primary – NEJM – 2014

Carter Early Detection of Prostate Cancer AUA Guidelines

Cohan Oropharyngeal Cancer Current Understanding and Management – 2009

Djulbegovic Screening for Prostate Cancer Meta-Analysis

Dsouza Role of HPV in Head and Neck Cancer – 2011

Eldads Diagnosis of HCC

Hidalgo Pancreatic Cancer NEJM 2010

Higano JCO To Treat or Not to Treat Metastatic Prostate with BiP

Holte Current Management of Resistant Prostate CA

Leemans Molecular Biology of Head and Neck Cancer – 2010

Llovet Sorafenib in Advanced HCC NEJM

Lung CA screening with CT – NEJM 2011

Mohler NCCN Clinical Guidelines Prostate Cancer


Qaseem Screening for Prostate Cancer Guidelines from ACP

Sama Review of Epidemiology of Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer – 2012

Screening for prostate ca – NEJM – 2011


2011-ITP-Pocket-Guide ASH

Cines How I Treat ITP – Blood 2005

Hematol Dx Based on blood smears – NEJM 2005

McCrae-ITP -Cleve Clinic 2011

Stasi-Approach to Thrombocytopenia – Hematol 2012

Thrombocytopenia – Am Fam Phys – 2012



Von Willebrand Disease

von Willebrand Disease_ NHLBI document

ASH ISTH NHF WFH 2021 Guidelines on the Diagnosis of von Willebrand Disease

ASH ISTH NHF WFH 2021 Guidelines on the Management of von Willebrand Disease

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