How We Allot Meal Money

To receive money in your account, you must be on call overnight for certain rotations, and how much you receive is determined by which days you are on call (listed below).

Each meal is worth $12.  Your UCSD meal money is added to an account that is tied to your UCSD badge.  When you swipe your badge at the cafeteria, certain vending machines, etc., you’ll be able to use your meal money (if you have any).  Each month I calculate the amount that should be added to your account based on your schedule, and Nutrition Services adds the money. They may add money to your account at the beginning of the month even if your on call shift isn’t until the end.  Of course, you can use it as soon as it is in your account, but you will not receive additional money if you spend it before the start of the on call rotation for which it was intended.

If you did not receive any meal money by the time you start one of the rotations listed above, please contact Jaime Hale so we can follow up with nutrition services.

Unused meal allotments will be forwarded from month to month until June 30 of each academic year. At that point each account will be zeroed out.

VA meal money is completely separate from UCSD meal money. Please contact Bunna Suy with questions about VA meal money.

For information on the new programs implemented by the Nutrition Services department, please see the post about the new online ordering at La Jolla and new app for viewing balances.