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7 vs 14day Abx for Gram Neg Bacteremia CID 2019

Daptomycin plus Ceftaroline versus Monotherapy for MRSA Bacteremia 2019

Diabetic Foot CID 2019

Dx and Tx of CAP IDSA ATS 2019 Guidelines

Osteo Sacral Decub CID 2019

PO vs IV Abx for Bone & Joint Infxn NEJM 2019

PO vs IV Abx for Endocarditis NEJM 2019



AHA Guidelines – Dx and Rx Endocarditis

AHA Guidelines – Prevention of Endocarditis

Infective endocarditis – NEJM 20113


Emergomyces Global Dimorphic Fungi 2019

Isavuconazole vs Capsofungin for Invasive Candida 2018

Quarterly Terbinafine Pulse Regimen for Onychomycosis 2019


Dolutegravir Plus Tenofovir for HIV NEJM 2019

HIV HAART Guidelines – NIH 2015

Neural Tube Defects with Dolutegravir NEJM 2019

Newly Diagnosed HIV – Annals In The Clinic – 2011

Other Viral

Measles NEJM 2019

Out Pt IV ABx

IDSA OPAT guidelines


Davey_Guide to_STI_Tx


ATS IDSA TB Treatment Guidelines 2003

Rifapentine plus Isoniazid to Prevent HIV-Related Tuberculosis NEJM 2019

TB – Annals In The Clinic – 2009

TB – NEJM – 2013

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Abx Stairway to Heaven

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