TB Immunity

During onboarding before PGY1 begins, you will be required to submit proof of tb immunity prior to orientation or you will get a Quantiferon test.

UCSD no longer requires the QFT draw each year, however, some of our affiliates do. If you will be rotating at Kaiser, Family Health Centers of San Diego, or Scripps you will need a current QFT result. If you are rotating at one of these sites and your QFT is expired, you will need to make an appointment with TB Control and be explicit that you need a quant because of credentialing at the affiliate site.    TB Control has requested you make an appointment even though they usually only do walk ins.  Please call ahead to confirm all of this as sometimes residents requesting the QFT are turned away because you are an exception and the TB Control staff may not be aware that you need it and are allowed to get it.

Please upload your Quantiferon Test Details or PPD (as a pdf) that you retrieve from MyChart after your receive your updated result.  It needs to show your name, date it was drawn, and the results of the test. 

Flu Season

Please get a receipt when you get your flu vaccine, and email it to Jaime. If you get it at UCSD, it will also show up in MyChart under Preventative Care.