TB Immunity

Your PPD or Quantiferon results expire 1 year after they were drawn, so many of you need to have them redrawn in June & July (when the COEM is very busy with incoming interns and fellows).  To avoid this, I encourage you to get your updated result several weeks prior to it expiring.  The months of April & May will be significantly less busy than June & July, so keep that in mind. I’ve attached the TB Control office’s contact details.

Please upload your Quantiferon Test Details or PPD (as a pdf) that you retrieve from MyChart after your receive your updated result.  It needs to show your name, date it was drawn, and the results of the test.  All residents should upload their results, but I particularly need the test details from those of you whose continuity clinics are at non-UCSD locations or who will be rotating through a non-UCSD clinic.

  • If you let your result lapse, you run the risk of getting kicked out of EPIC until you comply or not being allowed to start/continue your rotation.
  • You should not take the QFT questionnaire; some outside clinics do NOT accept this, so you must get a new result.
  • If you’ve had previous positive test results, you may be required to take the QFT questionnaire for now but may eventually need additional procedures to prove TB immunity.

Flu Season

Please get a receipt when you get your flu vaccine, and email it to