Jury Duty

If you are summoned by the San Diego County Courts* to report for jury duty, please notify the Chief Residents & Jaime as soon as you receive the notice.

Once you notify the chiefs & Jaime, we will provide you a letter from Dr. Jassal which requests that the court excuse you from jury duty.  You will include this letter when you mail your summons back to the courts.  Before mailing your summons, be sure to indicate “extreme financial hardship” in the Request for Excuse section on the summons. You will only hear something from the court if your excuse is denied; otherwise, you can assume that you’ve been excused from jury duty.

If you don’t get excused, please contact the chiefs as soon as you know.

If you are summoned by a court from where you no longer live, you are no longer in their jurisdiction, and therefore, can be excused from jury duty by notifying them that you have moved.