Primary Care Pathway

The Primary Care Pathway is an interest track for residents that have matched into the traditional categorical program and have a specific interest in pursuing a career in primary care. Residents may apply to join the Primary Care Pathway during their second or third year of residency.

The goal of this pathway is to prepare residents for careers in primary care by optimizing their clinical experience to promote excellence in ambulatory medicine. The cornerstones of the pathway are the three 2-week primary care blocks that bring together all of the primary care residents.  Primary care blocks offer increased exposure to continuity clinic, a second “subspecialty continuity clinic” to be attended weekly during blocks, additional subspecialty clinics with faculty members who tailor the clinic experience to meet the needs of generalists, a primary care academic half day, site visits to learn about unique models of care, and special learning opportunities such as suboxone training.  Primary care residents contribute to primary care morning reports and primary care journal clubs.  The pathway also includes required elective rotations such as endocrinology, musculoskeletal medicine, and dermatology.

Additional features include hand-selected continuity clinics and clinic mentors, participation in core ambulatory rotations with high relevance to primary care practice, and special events throughout the year to promote research, mentorship from our primary care faculty, and career exploration. Primary care residents will have 4 additional weeks of ambulatory medicine compared to their categorical peers.

Graduates of the primary care pathway go on to a wide range of practice environments in San Diego and across the county and world.  Recent graduates have gone on to pursue international work, private practice primary care, academic primary care, sports medicine fellowship, HIV medicine, geriatrics, and gay men’s health.

For answers to specific questions, please contact Primary Care Program Director Stacy Charat, MD, or Program Administrator Anne Bamrick-Rosenblatt.

PCP Pathway

Current and former primary care residents with primary care doctor, organizer, and founder of the non-profit Primary Care Progress, Dr. Andrew Morris-Singer, at the primary care retreat in 2016.

Sample Primary Care Block Schedule:

Academic Half Days 2021-2022

Block 1: Non Medical Nuts and Bolts

Home Based Primary Care

Goals of Care Discussions in Primary Care

Risk Management in Primary Care

Agenda Setting


Perioperative Medication Management

The Medicare Wellness Exam

Physician Self Care