Process & Timeline for Licensing


  1. Take Step 3
  2. Attend licensing fair & submit application and fees (March of PGY 1)
  3. Request outside entities (i.e. your medical school & the fsmb) to submit items to the medical board (April-June of PGY 1)
  4. The residency office will submit the L3A-B & L4 form (July PGY 2)
  5. Submit any outstanding forms or fees (July-August PGY 2)
  6. Your license will be issued 4-8 weeks after your application is complete
  7. Submit Licensing Reimbursement Application to GME as soon as your license is issued.

For Information about LICENSING REIMBURSEMENT, please see reimbursement section above.

During PGY 1, all interns need to take the Step 3 exam.  If you schedule the exam during an outpatient rotation, the program will excuse you on the 2 dates you are scheduled for the exam, if you give us 90 days notice. Please do not schedule your Step 3 exam until you receive your PGY 1 schedule at Internal Medicine Orientation.  Please remember the following when scheduling your Step 3 exam:

  • Please schedule during one of these Outpatient or Consult Rotations: VA Urgent Care, Cards-O, Cards-VA, GI-VA, Renal-VA, Pulm-VA, Onc-VA, Psych, Psych-CL, and ID-VA
  • Please avoid scheduling during GenMed, any day you have continuity clinic, or any day you are scheduled to be on-call.  Please check AMION to ensure the dates you choose avoid these days.

  • Here is a link to the application:
  • L1 A-F forms:  Please bring your completed L1A-F forms to the fair and have them ready to be signed in front of a notary. Our mail code is 8425.
  • L2 form:  Complete the top and bring to fair. After the fair, you will ask your medical school to submit the L2 form directly to the medical board.
  • L3 A-B forms:  Complete the top and bring to fair. They will tell you to drop it off to Jaime after the fair.  She will have Dr. Jassal complete this form for all rising R2s that are applying to the California Medical Board and submit it directly to the medical board at the beginning of July (as the form has to be completed after you complete intern year).
  • L4 form:  Complete the top and bring to fair.  They will tell you to drop it off to Jaime after the fair, and Dr. Jassal will also complete it in July – unless you are a prelim.  Prelims will ask their new training program to complete the L4 form and have them submit it directly to the medical board.


  • Please do not submit the Birth Month Licensure Request Form. Licenses always expire on the last date of a month.  If your license expires during your residency (any date on or prior to 5/31), then GME will reimburse you for licensing renewal costs. If your license expires on 6/30 or after, you are responsible for the renewal costs.  If you request to have your license issued on your birthday, the license is valid for 24 months. But if you request it to be issued as soon as possible, the license is valid through your second birth month.  While you might have to renew your license sooner for  your initial renewal, you could get reimbursed for the renewal costs.
  • In order to be reimbursed for your Step 3 fees, licensing fees, etc., you must be licensed by March 31. The reimbursement amount for the 2017-18 academic year is $1822.50, so we want to make sure you are licensed by this deadline!
  • The licensing fee reimbursement is a lump sum which includes your Step 3 fees and licensing fees, so you must wait until PGY 2, to get reimbursed for Step 3.


You can renew online here:

It’s quick, easy, and your renewal is issued immediately after payment. One of the requirements to get reimbursed is that the license expires while you are an active resident in a UCSD program. For those residents whose license expires during the program (which means on or before 5/31 of your last year in the program), you can submit the reimbursement application to Robyn in the GME office.