Postgraduate Training License (PTL) Instructions

In order to train in California, you will need a postgraduate training license (PTL). All incoming interns should apply prior to intern orientation in June, and the PTL needs to be issued within 180 days of your start date to continue training.  Your PTL will be valid through your time in our program. After completing the program, the steps will vary depending on if you’re a categorical or prelim intern: 

  • Categorical interns will apply for a full medical license after residency is completed if you will be practicing or starting fellowship in California. 
  • Preliminary interns continuing to train in California next year will submit two additional forms to the medical board in spring/summer 2021 to ‘transfer’ your PTL to your new program.
  • Preliminary interns training out-of-state in 2021 will no longer need a California PTL. Become familiar with the licensing process in the state in which you’ll be training.


To start your online PTL application, follow the link on this webpage:

We recommend applying for your PTL online rather than by mail but you can view all of the hardcopy forms under the “Postgraduate Training License (PTL) Application Forms” section on this webpage:

The checklist is particularly helpful, so I’ve attached it here.:

On your application please use the program’s mailing address (not your personal address) since it is public record. The address is: 200 W. Arbor Dr., San Diego, CA 92103-8425.

In addition to the application you submit online, other documents are required as well (such as your med school diploma and transcripts, form completed by your med school, USMLE transcripts, and a form provided by the residency program stating that you are training with us). These documents need to be submitted to the medical board directly from the source; you can’t submit your transcripts, for example, so you’ll need to ask your med school to.  The residency program will submit the EF Form directly to the medical board.  You do not need to ask us to or fill anything out for this form. Even if we submit the form prior to your application being submitted, the medical board will match the EF form to your application once you apply.  


  • April-June: Submit online application, pay fee, etc. 
  • May-July:  Ask med school & USMLE to send docs to the board, complete live scan fingerprints
  • August: All application documents are completed and have been submitted to the board. 6-8 weeks after completion, your PTL will be issued.


  • NotaryCam is an online notary service you can use to notarize PTL Form 5. If you use this service, we believe that the residency office can upload the PTL 5 form to the portal (which is available to residency programs and med schools). Email the notarized form to Jaime and she will upload it to the portal.
  • Robyn Meehan in the GME office is a notary. She charges $10/signature (rather than the standard $15) for anything licensing or credentialing related.  Her contact info is on this page:  Make sure you call or email her before stopping by. Most of the GME office is working remotely most of the time.
  • Or you can go to any other place that offers notary services such as the post office or postal annex.


UC San Diego Office of Graduate Medical Education has contracted with San Diego (SD) Livescan to provide livescan fingerprinting required to obtain a California Postgraduate Training License (PTL). 

Live Scan Instructions – UC San Diego Residents

  1. Fill in the “Applicant Information” section of the Medical Board of California Livescan form and print.
  2. Print a copy of the SD Livescan Location flyer
  3. Take both of these documents to one of the four SD Livescan locations listed on the flyer.
  4. Bring a primary form of photo identification which includes either a  valid California Driver’s License or a California Identification Card.  If you do not have either of these, you must bring two other forms of identification (one of these two forms must include a picture).  Additional forms of identification can include a passport, military or federal ID, birth certificate, and/or social security card. 
  5. When you arrive at an SD Livescan location, identify yourself as being from UC San Diego Health.
  6. SD Livescan will ask for both the SD Livescan flyer and the MBC Livescan form for proof you are eligible for this service.  They will not provide livescan services without this documentation.
  7. SD Livescan will take your fingerprints and give you two copies of the MBC Livescan form.  One is for your records and the other is to be sent to the MBC.
  8. You will not be required to pay for the fingerprinting process.  SD Livescan will bill the Office of Graduate Medical Education.


For more info, visit GME’s Licensing & DEA webpage.


You can email or contact your assigned case manager with questions or status updates. Here is the most recent contact list. Please note it may be outdated. They do not pass this info out on a regular basis. Their email addresses SHOULD be: You can request a call back here.  Residency office staff are unable to contact the medical board on your behalf unfortunately. We also do not know the status of your application.

Trainee’s Last name begins withCase ManagerPhone Number
D, K, OAmaro, Priscilla(916) 263 – 1327
B, V, WDukes, Terri(916) 263 – 2341
I, N, SEvans, Julie(916) 263 – 0947
F, M, XGarcia, Frances(916) 263 – 2653
J, P, TMoss, Harriet(916) 263 – 2381
E, G, HNash, Linda(916) 263 – 2375
L, Q, R, USchrantz, Jaron(916) 561 – 8214
A, C, Y, ZValadez, Anthony(916) 263 – 2448


During PGY 1, all interns need to take the Step 3 exam.  If you schedule the exam during an outpatient rotation, the program will excuse you on the 2 dates you are scheduled for the exam, if you give us 90 days notice. Please do not schedule your Step 3 exam until you receive your PGY 1 schedule at Internal Medicine Orientation.  Please remember the following when scheduling your Step 3 exam:

  • Please schedule during one of these Outpatient or Consult Rotations: VA Urgent Care, Cards-O, Cards-VA, GI-VA, Renal-VA, Pulm-VA, Onc-VA, Psych, Psych-CL, and ID-VA
  • Please avoid scheduling during GenMed, any day you have continuity clinic, or any day you are scheduled to be on-call.  Please check AMION to ensure the dates you choose avoid these days.

Preliminary interns are eligible for Step 3 reimbursement if the application, receipt, and your scores are submitted to GME ( by the deadline. For interns leaving UCSD for PGY 2, then reimbursement transaction needs to be completed (approved and funds dispersed) by June 30.

In the residency office, Jaime is the contact for PTL questions.