RACE (Resident as Clinician Educator) Pathway

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WELCOME, Applicants!

This space is dedicated to describing the RACE Track, one of the five pathways offered here at UCSD Internal Medicine Residency. This pathway is focused on supporting those interested in pursuing careers in academic medicine and medical education.

This pathway is led by Dr. Supraja Thota, an academic hospitalist here at UCSD, former chief resident, and graduate of the UCSD Internal Medicine Residency. She started the RACE Track in 2017, with the first class of residents starting in the 2018-2019 academic year. Supporting her in this leadership row are (clockwise): academic hospitalist and alumna Dr. Connie Chace (who just welcomed a new little nugget to the family!), academic hospitalist and former chief resident Dr. Sean Kenmore, and current chief resident Averie Tigges (pictured with her tiny dog Otto)!

You may apply for the pathway during your intern year, and if accepted, you will join our RACE Track ranks for a dedicated curriculum that spans your PGY2 & PGY3 years! This curriculum has three main components (click on each for examples and more details):

Didactic Workshops

We hold 5 workshop sessions throughout the year, mostly during protected time when you would otherwise be in clinic. These sessions are led by expert medical education faculty throughout UCSD and typically run for 2-4 hours and span multiple topics, so you can get your feet wet with different education tools and skills! Some example sessions are listed below:

Building your academic brand
Curriculum development
Gamification of teaching
Giving effective feedback
How to give a 5-minute chalk talk
Teaching in small groups
Crafting a teaching portfolio

Annual 2-Week Elective for All RACE Track members

While we are all one RACE Track family, we split up our member by year for our 2-week elective, in order to better allow 1:1 mentorship and prevent redundancy with some of our sessions. Our Senior RACERs (in their second year of the track) and Junior RACERs (in their first year) EACH get a 2-week elective block during which they get to practice their teaching and mentorship skills hands-on, with co-residents, medical students, and each other! With the exception of a half-day for continuity clinic, this elective is ENTIRELY dedicated to activities focused on training distinct skills vital to a medical educator. An example schedule is listed below:

AM: Lead problem-based learning with MS2s (Session 1)
PM: Precept Free Clinic Downtown with MS1s
AM: Give Morning Teaching Conference at the VA
PM: Give Intern Report at the VA; Continuity Clinic
AM: Watch Grand Rounds; RACE Track didactic sessions!
PM: Lead physical exam rounds with MS3s at Hillcrest
AM: Lead problem-based learning with MS2s (Session 2)
PM: Free time to prepare for other educational activities
AM: Round with a Master Clinician Educator (Observing)
PM: Enjoy Friday School!

Longitudinal Scholarly Project

As a RACE Track member, you’ll be able to create a project of your choosing, with medical education as the focus. You’ll be able to take something you’re passionate about, identify a target learner population, and craft a way of delivering and sharing knowledge about that passion to those learners. The beauty of this project is that it is your canvas to build something from scratch, your way, with your fellow RACERs and a dedicated clinical-educator faculty member there to help guide and support you in your endeavor. Our RACE Track leadership will check in with you regularly on this, not to hold your feet to the fire, but to help you connect with the people you might need, help you work through snags, or lift you up if you fall into “teacher’s block.” Some example projects from previous years and currently ongoing include:

Evidence-Based Podcast on Integrative Medicine
Formal Training on Consenting for IM Procedures & Transfusions
Illness Script Online Database
“My First H&P”: Introduction to Inpatient Medicine for MS1s & MS2s
Standardization Course for Note Writing for Beginning MS3s
UCSD IM Residency’s Friday School Diversity Curriculum

Thanks for checking us out! Good luck in your adventures checking out various internal medicine programs this interview season. We hope you consider joining our UCSD Internal Medicine Residency and RACE Track families!