Resident Research Symposium


Past Resident Research: 2022 | 2021 | 2020

The annual UCSD Internal Medicine Resident Research Symposium is the culmination of the our residents’ research achievements, completed through our research elective. This symposium is designed to showcase both the breadth and depth of our residents’ research endeavors and the mentorship of the faculty who have guided them through their projects. The symposium also provides an opportunity for our residents to gain experience in preparing and delivering an academic talk.

For the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the symposium will return to a live format. Please join us in celebration of our residents’ accomplishments.

UC San Diego School of Medicine Campus
Medical Education & Telemedicine (MET) Building
Learning Center Rooms 141, 143, and 145 (Map)
Tuesday, April 26, 2022, 6-9 pm (Calendar)
Light Refreshments Provided

Four finalists will be selected to present their projects at the UCSD Department of Medicine Grand Rounds on May 25, 2022, and June 8, 2022, 7:30-8:30 am: The schedule and presenters will be shared here:

Prizes for the finalists will be provided through a generous gift from UCSD Internal Medicine Residency alums (Class of 2013), Drs. Yu Xie and Will Collins, who have donated $500 to the Alumni Research Fund in honor of Dr. Elaine Muchmore, our previous UCSD Internal Medicine Residency Program Director.

The research elective and symposium would not be possible without the support of our departmental leadership, including our Chair of Medicine, Dr. Zea Borok; Vice Chair of Research and Core Faculty Member, Dr. Davey Smith; Co-Directors of the Resident Research Experience, Drs. Dena Rifkin and Charles Ginsberg; and our chief medical residents Drs. Armando Martinez and Jun Yang (Mark) Jiang.

Thank you for taking the time to support our residents!