Rheumatology and Allergy/Immunology Friday School Sessions

9/18/2020: SLE


9/25/2020: SpA, Gout, RA


Gout Cases and Gout Resources

Rheumatoid Arthritis Case and Resources

10/2/2020: Transitions of Care, Health Disparities in Asthma, Pregnancy and Autoimmunity, Myositis

Transitions of Care in Rheumatology- Transition Packet, Patient Self Assessment, Approach to Transitions

Health Disparities in Asthma

Pregnancy and Autoimmunity


10/9/2020: Rheum Board Review, Lupus Nephritis, Allergy/Immunology Cases

Rheum Board Review

Lupus Nephritis Presentation and AJKD LN 2020 Update

Allergy/Immunology Cases and Resources!( “Flu Vaccine and Egg Allergy”, “Cross-reactive Aeroallergens”, “PCN Allergy”, “Food Allergy”, “CVID” “CVID”)