Yale Curriculum 2019-2020

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Username: sandiego
Resident password: sunset

week 1 depression screening and diagnosis resident

week 2 depression treatment resident

week 3 periop non cardiac resident

week 4 preoperative evaluation resident

week 5 falls in the elderly resident

week 6 palliative care resident

week 7 migraines resident

week 8 syncope resident

week 9 hepatitis resident

week 10 hypothyroidism resident

week 11 tick-borne illnesses resident

week 12 ckd resident

week 13 outpatient management chf resident

week 14 fibromyalgia resident

week 16 crc screening resident

week 17 primary care of the lgbtq patient resident

week 18 asthma resident

week 19 occ med resident

week 20 immigrant health resident

week 21 health literacy resident

week 22 cholesterol update resident

week 23 constipation resident

week 24 opioid maintenance therapy resident

week 25 dyspnea resident

Faculty Versions:

week 1 depression screening and diagnosis preceptor

week 2 depression treatment preceptor

week 3 periop non cardiac preceptor

week 4 preoperative evaluation preceptor

week 5 falls in the elderly preceptor

week 6 palliative care preceptor

week 7 migraines preceptor

week 8 syncope preceptor

week 9 hepatitis preceptor

week 10 hypothyroidism preceptor

week 11 tick-borne illnesses preceptor

week 12 ckd preceptor

week 13 outpatient management of chf preceptor

week 14 fibromyalgia preceptor

week 16 crc screening preceptor

week 17 primary care of the lgbtq patient preceptor

week 18 asthma preceptor

week 19 occ med preceptor

week 20 immigrant health preceptor

week 21 health literacy preceptor

week 22 cholesterol update preceptor

week 23 constipation preceptor

week 24 opioid use disorder preceptor

week 25 dyspnea preceptor